Computer to Plate (CtP) Overview

Computer to Plate (CtP) thermal machines expose pre-sensitized plates utilizing digital data and laser writing heads. These machines, available from a wide variety of manufacturers, are generally purchased by commercial color printers for exposing conventional litho printing plates, or by packaging printers for exposing ‘Flexo’ Plates. These plates are then loaded onto printing presses for printing. Depending on the printer’s press size and volume requirements, the CtP devices vary in speed, automation, and format.

The market is very competitive, making it essential for CtP manufacturers to innovate constantly, reducing costs and increasing capabilities, particularly productivity. The writing head, which utilizes lasers, plays a key role in determining the productivity, quality, and cost of output.

Intense has developed a revolutionary family of monolithic arrays and high power lasers specifically for CtP applications. They are designed to simplify the writing head design, thereby reducing costs and increasing reliability.

This enables Computer to Plate manufacturers to deliver greater value to their customers.


  • Thermal Computer to Plate Devices

  • Commercial Color

  • Flexography

  • Two up to large format