Laser Coding & Laser Marking Overview

Coding and marking solutions for primary and secondary packaging and labels have been dominated by inkjet and thermal products. These are incorporated into production lines or binderies, taking digital variable data and imaging to substrate. The products to be coded can be static or running on a production line at many meters per second. The information is typically bar coding, date information, product coding, and batch information.

Laser coding and laser marking solutions have entered the market bringing new benefits for certain applications. Laser solutions can inherently bring higher reliability, non-contact solutions and eliminate consumable costs associated with ink and ribbons.

Intense, with both its Hermes range of high power lasers and the (Direct Laser Array Marking) modules, is revolutionizing the laser coding and marking industry. In combination with suitable chemistry from our partners, we can bring cost savings and greater reliability to even the most demanding applications.

There are inherent disadvantages associated with older inkjet and thermal solutions, such as:

 Cost and logistics issues with consumables on production lines
 Inability to print on uneven surfaces with contact-printing solutions
 Form factor, cost, and power inefficiency of CO2 lasers


  • Bar Coding

  • Package Labels

  • Product Batch Data

  • Date & Time Marking