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Intense: Innovative laser diode solutions

Digital Printing Overview

High speed digital presses are used mainly by commercial Color Printers and in corporate print departments for short run, on-demand and personalized color printing. The key factors governing adoption are the initial investment level, the quality, and the cost per page, which sets the effective economic run length and return on investment.

Printer manufacturers are constantly innovating to improve their key performance indicators against the backdrop of a highly competitive environment that sees new entrants every year.

The underlying technology in digital presses is an electro photographic process. The writing head in most digital presses utilizes lasers and is an important factor in determining the press performance.

Intense has developed breakthrough technology that reduces writing head cost and complexity while providing high speed, high resolution, and high reliability. This is delivered by the Intense INSlam range of laser modules.

INSlam S for Digital Print
A QWI enabled compact, flexible single mode laser array module for digital printing applications.

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The INSlam S single mode laser array module is designed for high speed digital laser imaging devices