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DLAM™ 200

The DLAM 200 print modules are designed for use in direct printing and laser marking systems. When combined with laser sensitive media, these may be deployed in applications where older thermal, ink-jet or CO2 systems are deployed bringing enhanced performance and reduced costs.

DLAM 200 modules enable direct laser marking at print widths up to 1½ inches. Highly reliable Intense laser super-arrays with up to 300 individually addressable elements are combined with bespoke optics and convenient drive electronics to provide a customized print solution. Where wider print widths are required, multiple DLAM 200 printheads may be combined.

Modules can be delivered with a range of wavelengths, powers, and print widths. Optical dot delivery up to 10cm from the head can be achieved with our custom bulk-optic systems. Where more compact systems are needed, beam imaging up to 9mm from the module can be achieved with ultra compact micro-optic array technology.

Versions are available with on-board current driver ASICs allowing pixel control from a serial data input, or direct access to the lasers can be provided, if preferred.

The DLAM200 enables high speed laser marking while maintaining excellent print quality. This eliminates the inherent disadvantages of current technologies, such as:

  • Ink consumables
  • Expense and maintenance for inkjet technologies
  • Abrasive wear issues associated with thermal printheads
  • Large form factor inconvenience for CO2 lasers

DLAM 200 brings cost and reliability benefits to the production line. In addition, as the printhead interacts with the marking media optically, thermal blur or smearing is not a problem, resulting in enhanced reliability and savings.

Printing with the DLAM200 is a non-contact process. In addition to reduced wear, this enables printing on profiled surfaces and compatibility with the fast growing RFID tag technology.

DLAM 200
Maximum Print Width 38 mm
Print Resolution 203 dpi
Typical Duty Cycle 50%
Pixel Positional Accuracy 20% of pixel diameter
Wavelength 808, 830, 980 nm
Power per Pixel up to 160mW ex module
Optical Beam Diameter Micro (M) 30-125 μm (FWHM)
Bulk (B) 5-125 μm (FWHM)
Maximum Working Distance (Module to Media) Micro (M) 9 mm
Bulk (B) 100mm
Depth of Focus ±1 mm
Supply Voltage (Logic) ASIC (A) 3.3 V
Supply Voltage (Laser) ASIC (A) 1.7 to 3.3 V
Wallplug Efficiency ASIC (A) 40%
Turn-on Voltage Direct (D) 1.3 to 1.6 V
Laser Resistance Direct (D) 1 to 2.4 Ω

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The Intense DLAM 200 is a laser array module designed for direct laser marking and laser coding

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