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Intense Series 2400 Diode Laser Selection Chart

The Intense Series 2400 are high peak power, eye safe, 1550 nm pulsed diode lasers designed for applications that require powers up to 33 mW/μm of junction length at 200 ns Pulse Width. These broad area emitters have excellent reliability and good quantum efficiency. Single emitters from 150 μm to 350 μm junction length are standard.

Other wavelengths from 635 nm to 1100 nm, along with stacked arrays, are available on special order.

The 1550 nm laser may be overdriven at narrower pulse widths using Pod = Po * (200/Pwd) 1/2. Standard packages include 5.6MM, 9MM, TO18 coaxial, and TO5 twin lead. Options include fiber pigtails. R0 detectors are available in some packages for range finding applications. Applications for these diode lasers include hand held rangefinders, laser speed detectors, ceilometers, weapons simulation, and proximity fuses.

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Specifications @ 25°C, 200nsec, 2KHz

Output Power(W)512
Source Size(µm)150350
Typical Wavelength(nm)15501550
Operating Current(A)2040
Spectral Width(nm)1212
Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±20±20
Threshold Current(A)12
Slope Efficiency(W/A)0.30.3
Max Duty Cycle(%)0.10.1
Beam Divergence(deg. FWHM)48x1548x15
Typical PackagesTO56TO56

Vertical Stacks Specifications @ 25°C, 200nsec, 2KHz

Output Power(W)10 2448
Source Size(µm)150X150150x350350X360
Typical Wavelength(nm)155015501550
Operating Current(A)204040
Spectral Width(nm)121212
Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±20±20±20
Threshold Current(A)122
Slope Efficiency(W/A)
Max Duty Cycle(%)0.050.05 0.01
Beam Divergence(deg. FWHM)48x1548x1548x15
Vertical Stack(# chips)224

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The Intense Series 2400 are high peak power, eye safe, 1550nm pulsed diode lasers