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Intense Series 3100 Diode Laser Selection Chart

The Intense series 3100 are very high brightness AlGaAs lasers.  These lasers have small emitting apertures and power from 15 mW/um to 20 mW/um of junction length.  Aperture lengths include 50 µm, 100 µm and 200 µm.  All lasers are multi mode with a spectral width of approximately 2 nm.  The low thermal resistance of P-down mounting combined with high efficiency quantum well structure provides low junction temperature at high optical power.  Easy to use package options include C mount, 9MM, TO3 with TE cooler and HHL with TE cooler.  Fiber pigtails are optional in TO3 and HHL packages.

Applications for these diode lasers include Ophthalmic Photo coagulators, optical pumping and materials processing.

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Output Power(W)12
Source Size(µm)50100
Typical Wavelength(nm)980980
Operating Current(A)1.32.5
Operating Voltage(V)22
Spectral Width(nm) 33
Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±10±10
Threshold Current(A)0.20.3
Slope Efficiency(W/A)11
Series Resistance(Ω)0.350.35
Beam Divergence(deg. FWHM)40x1040x10
Typical Packages9mm9mm

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The Intense series 3100 diode lasers are very high brightness multi mode AlGaAs lasers