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Intense Power Pack 630

Visible CW Laser Modules for Medical and Display Applications

The Power Pack 630 is uniquely designed to provide high power and brightness at wave-lengths below 633 nm while operating at moderately low current levels.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the Power Pack is configured as a stand-alone module that easily interfaces with commercially available current drivers and smoothly integrates into OEM systems.

Up to 2.4 W of optical power is available in the red wavelength band of 630 - 633 nm. Emission is from industry standard SMA or FC connectors compatible with a 600 µm, 0.22 NA fiber.

The module can be attached directly to a cooling plate or optionally cooled through a forced air heat sink and cooling fan. Internal laser temperature control is via an integral TEC and Thermistor.

Each module includes a visible aiming beam for accurate alignment of the laser output to the target. A standard 15 pin D-connector is used to provide the electrical input interface. The Power Pack 630 is compatible with the absorption band of photosensitive drugs used in photodynamic therapy, and other applications including imaging, illumination, entertainment, and RGB display.

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Typical Specifications @ 10°C:

Power Pack 630 SpecificationsNotes
Optical Output2.4 W min.Output port
Fiber Compatibility 600 µm diameter, 0.22 NASMA or FC Connector
Wavelength90% of power in 630-633 nm 
Electrical Input30 V x 0.7 A typical15-pin D-Sub Connector
Operating Conditions 40°CMax ambient temperature
TE Cooler Capacity Vmax = 7 V; Imax = 5.8 A40 W max
External CoolingAluminium heat sink with fanForced air, optional
Hermeticity10E-8 atm cc/secMax helium leak rate
Aiming beamInternal  
Warranty1 year or 1000 hours 
Package Size 6 inch dia. x 1.8 inch height152 mm dia. x 46 mm height


Intense Gallium Arsenide phosphodide lasers emit radiation which is visible to the human eye. Safety precautions must be taken to prevent potential eye damage. Do not view or stare at operating lenses. If viewing is required, use a matte surface or suitable viewing screen. Laser safety goggles or glasses are recommended when operating the lasers.

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