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INSlam™ S for High Speed Digital Colour Output Devices

The INSlam family of individually addressable laser array modules combines advanced monolithic arrays and our patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology. The new Intense INSlam™ S laser array module is a revolutionary line of 650 or 780 nm, single mode lasers with narrow and customizable pitch. In this high beam count module, multiple emitters enable high productivity output devices to print at higher speeds more efficiently

A compact, flexible design, the INSlam S digital print module combines high quality optical output with a small footprint, providing the flexibility needed to create innovative products. The high performance, reduced form factor, and affordability of an integrated multi-element system, make INSlam S an excellent choice for the most demanding applications.

With increasing requirements for quality color, productivity, and return on investment, INSlam lasers allow manufacturers to respond with creative new product designs that enable tomorrow's innovations.

Features of the INSlam™ S digital print module

The INSlam S for digital print provides you with:

  • From 8 up to 24 individually addressable emitters - for high speed output devices with reduced manufacturing costs
  • Standard power 10 mW per channel - to fit a range of system requirements
  • Pitch down to 20 μm - to meet the demand for the highest print resolutions
  • New low cost, robust, and compact packaging - to minimize cost in high volumes
  • Customizable wavelengths with standard of 650 or 780 nm - compatible with most printing systems
  • Low cross talk with high quality beam characteristics - for quality color printing and low maintenance

INSlam devices can be custom configured to suit a wide range of system requirements. Whatever the configuration, Intense's patented QWI design process provides unparalleled performance and reliability.

The module includes the monolithic laser array. If required, Intense can supply full sub-systems including drive electronics, and micro and macro optics.

The INSlam S can be custom designed to suit any application or system. Typical configurations include as a low cost, sealed package for larger arrays or as a compact TO package solution for smaller arrays.

INSlam™ S for Digital Print
Laser power per emitter ex-facet 10 mW (cw - all emitters on)
Beam Quality Single mode (M2<1.2)
Wavelength 650 nm or 780 nm standard - others available
Lifetime per emitter >10,000 hours
Vertical far-field 18-30° depending on laser chip design
Horizontal far-field 8-12° depending on laser chip design
Emitter pitch Down to 20 μm
Emitter number per chip 8 up to 24 individually addressable

For further information on Intense's INSlam S for Digital Print products, please click here.

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Intense Products feature QWI Technology

The INSlam S laser array module combines high quality optical output with a small footprint

Quantum Well Intermixing
  • Intense's revolutionary Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) design process produces high performance lasers with high optical power, superior brightness, and increased lifetime and reliability. Find out more about this breakthrough technology.

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