Intense Power Core Series

Very High Brightness, Single Emitter Laser Engine for Industrial and Coding Applications

The Power Core 808 are innovative single emitter diode lasers that deliver very high brightness and high reliability in small, easy-to-integrate, chip-level devices.

The most flexible laser platform in the industry, the unique design combines a small emitting aperture (90 µm) with low beam divergence to produce very high brightness. The small form factor allows it to be easily integrated into a variety of package types, including C-Mount, and fiber-coupled MFP and HHL.

The Power Core 808 is capable of up to 4 W of output power at 808 nm. It is designed for use in demanding industrial and coding applications, including pumping and sensor-based instrumentation.

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Intense Power Core Series Datasheet (PDF)

Typical Specifications @ 25°C:

Measured ParametersSymbolPower Core 808
Output Power(W)4.0
Operating Current (A)4.2
Wavelength (nm)808 nm ±10 nm
Case Temperaturetop25°C
Typical ParametersNominal
Number of emitters64
WavelengthTyp 808nm
Power per emitter (at plate)160mW
Average duty cycle100%
Printhead-media separation~100mm
Print resolution1270 - 2540 dpi
Cooling Water
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