Intense Series 1000 Diode Laser Selection Chart

series-1000The Intense Series 1000 diode lasers have high CW output power, high brightness and the excellent reliability needed for today’s industrial applications. Selected wavelengths are available within the range of 700 nm to 880 nm. The lasers are broad area multimode with source apertures from 50 µm to 470 µm and spectral widths of typically 2 nm. Lasers in the Series 1000 exhibit high quantum efficiencies and low thermal impedance for extended lifetime and reliability. Availability in all industry standard packages including optional fiber coupling.

Applications for these diode lasers include solid-state laser pumping, free space communication, medical therapy, imaging and diagnostics, robotics and illumination.

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Intense Series 1000 Datasheet (PDF)

SpecsSymbolModel 1005Model 1010Model 1015Model 1020Model 1030Model 1040Model 1050
Output Power (W)0.511.52345
Source Size (µm)50100100200200470*470*
Typical Wavelength (nm)808808808808808808808
Other Wavelengths Available (nm)700-880700-880700-880700-880700-880700-880700-880
Operating Current (A)
Operating Voltage (V)2

Spectral Width (nm)2222222
Wavelength Tolerance (nm)±3±3±3±3±3±3±3
Threshold Current (A)
Slope Efficiency (W/A)1111111
Series Resistance (Ω)
Beam Divergence (deg. FWHM)38x1038x1038x1038x1038x1038x1038x10
Typical Packages9mm9mm9mm9mm9mm9mm9mm
Typical PackagesCCCCCCC
Typical PackagesT03T03T03T03T03T03T03
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