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Intense: Innovative laser diode solutions

Design, Development, and Fabrication Services for Laser Diodes and Laser Arrays

When special fabrication, wavelength, or packaging needs arise, the Intense product development team is available for custom projects. Our comprehensive design skills and hands-on experience allow you to choose from a range of existing laser diode and laser array products or to customize a solution to meet a specific need.

The Intense product development team has a proven track record in:

  • Rapid development of innovative products in the digital electronics and optoelectronics industries
  • Customization of the performance of laser diodes and laser arrays operating at a range of wavelengths from 808 to 1550nm, in both high power single mode and broad area device formats
  • Incorporation of thermal design considerations from the outset, including finite element thermal analysis tools
  • Optics solutions for a range of demanding applications in media marking and high-end digital printing, partnering with specialized micro-optics array manufacturing companies allowing us to deliver genuinely unique performance in our products
  • State of the art laser driver solutions. These include the use of custom developed ASICs and discrete electronics circuits, that can provide superior accuracy, modulation speed, and control. These solutions are specially tailored to support the high density and number of lasers integrated in our laser modules.
  • Use of advanced metal composite materials and specialized solder technology to optimize the assembly of large laser arrays on single substrates
  • Extensive knowledge about combining materials to achieve excellent thermal expansion matching properties. We can integrate water cooling, forced air, and conduction cooling schemes within our modules.

Intense combines excellence in design and development of laser diodes with the ability to integrate state of the art electronics driver circuits, micro and bulk optics, and thermo-mechanical package design to provide complete laser module solutions.

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Intense's design skills and experience allow you to customize laser diode and laser array solutions to meet a specific need