Our Services

Intense, Inc. realizes that selecting a supplier of quality laser diodes is a critical step in the decision process. Our experience in design, processing, assembly and testing of laser diodes combined with our brand of continuous customer service can ease the dilemma. Intense’s services are designed to offer assistance to both the beginner and the experienced design engineer in the selection of the right laser diode to meet their specific requirements. The purpose of this website is twofold. First to inform laser diode users of a series of standard catalog products readily available with short delivery times for small or large quantities. These products are state of the art and are designed for applications requiring little or no special testing, custom packaging or modifications.

We have the competence and facility to take an OEM application from – design – to prototype – to pre-production – to full-scale production. Our experience in achieving cost effective solutions combined with our capabilities in laser design, packaging and our exceptional manufacturing capability can yield a reliable and competitively priced laser diode product.

For the researcher/designer, we offer customization of products, including selected wavelengths and tolerances, custom power options, special packages and numerous fiber options. Our background, customer service and diverse production resources will get you a quick response to any request.

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