Package Design

The mechanical engineering design team provides the foundation for Intense’s revolutionary products. Use of advanced metal composite materials and specialized solder technology allow for the assembly of large laser arrays on single substrates. Our extensive knowledge of materials combination achieves superior thermal expansion matching properties.

CuW based heat sinking and chip mounting technology provide excellent thermal conductivity properties and a close Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) match with GaAs. This is especially important for large array chips in order to maximize pitch and smile accuracy. Copper and aluminum parts are used in the products as appropriate.

A key skill is the design and sourcing of ultra high precision components that have the accuracy to achieve 6-axis alignment of laser arrays. To make this happen, Intense has created an international supplier base of specialized metal component manufacturers. In addition to substrate materials, we have an extensive understanding of soft and hard solders with specialized knowledge in using gold-tin solder hierarchy (both eutectic and non-eutectic).

For electrical isolation and interconnection, ceramic substrates and hybrid microcircuit components manufactured in aluminum nitride or aluminum oxide are used.

Thermal design of laser packages is of critical importance, especially when considering the high density of laser emitters in our high power laser family. We use advanced CAD techniques to design such systems, in combination with finite element analysis software that simulates thermal dynamics and mechanical robustness. Our laser module thermal management systems include the use of direct water cooling, forced air systems, micro-channel cooling, and conduction cooling.

To protect the lasers we provide a variety of module sealing solutions. These range from full hermetic seals for high end products down to dust protection seals for lower cost modules.