Headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ, Intense is a leading provider of single and multimode monolithic laser array products and high power laser diodes. The company’s patented innovations in Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) and Asymmetric Waveguides (AW) generate uniquely high power, brightness, and reliability. Combined with a state-of-the-art high volume manufacturing facility in the US, this delivers unsurpassed product quality and value to customers in the print and imaging, defense, industrial, display, and medical markets.

Intense’s patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology increases brightness and reliability while eliminating the problems associated with Catastrophic Optical Mirror Damage (COMD). The end result is innovative laser products that provide you with unrivaled levels of power, brightness, and reliability.

The use of such products brings huge benefits for customers in terms of cost, form-factor, robustness and functionality. Product ranges include Infra-Red, Visible, Bars & Stacked Arrays, and Individually Addressable Arrays.

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