Laser Diodes For Defense Applications

Intense manufactures a highly competitive range of high power laser diodes that are ideal for use in aerospace and defense applications. Intense’s compact, modular designs and advanced Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) process deliver laser diodes with high reliability, superior brightness, and enhanced power levels. In addition, Intense supplies, monolithic single mode arrays for precise delivery and control of optical energy.

Traditionally the defense and aerospace industries have used laser diodes as pump sources for solid-state systems. This continues to be the largest application for laser diodes with the typical format being laser diode arrays and high power laser diode bars.

The increasing need for high performing solutions operating best-in-class technologies is driving demand for laser diode technology throughout the market.


  • Rangefinding

  • Target Designation

  • Illuminators

  • Solid State & High Energy Laser Pump Sources