Intense Series 5300 Selection Chart

The Intense Series 5300 of laser modules combines multiple 1300 series diode lasers with a bundle of seven optical fibers arranged in circular arrangement that allows efficient coupling into 400um or 600um core 0.22NA or larger optical fibers. The coupling is managed with an FC coupling. (A seven-segment mini-array is optically coupled to seven fibers.) The parallel configuration of the array is easily driven with commercially available laser current drivers. The internals of the High Heat Load package include Thermoelectric cooler, monitor photodiode and thermistor. The output fiber bundle is in an armored cable terminated at an FC connector.

Applications include photodynamic therapy, illumination, medical imaging and diagnostics.

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Intense Series 5300 Datasheet (PDF)

Typical Specifications @ 20°C:

SpecsSymbolModel 5325Model 5350Model 5325Model 5350
Output Power(W)2.552.53
Fiber Bundle Aperture(µm)400600400600
Number of Fibers in Bundle 714714
Typical Wavelength (nm)670670690690
Operating Current(A)
Operating Voltage(V)3636
Spectral Width(nm)2323
Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±10±10±10±10
Threshold Current(A)2222
Slope Efficiency(W/A)
Series Resistance(Ω)
Fiber NA0.
Operating Temperature(C)20202020
Typical PackagesHHLFHHLF dualHHLFHHLF dual
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