Laser Diode Design

At the core of Intense’s capabilities is its expertise in designing and manufacturing high power, high reliability laser diodes.

These lasers can be:

  • Single mode individual emitters
  • Individually addressable arrays
  • Multi mode individual emitter
  • Common contact arrays

These innovative laser diode products are based on Intense’s patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) process which incorporates non-absorbing mirrors (NAMs) on each emitter. The QWI process is carried out at a wafer scale level and defines the facet reliability of the chips; this give Intense a significant advantage in yield and, hence, production cost over other bar-coating based facet passivation techniques.

In developing this innovative process, Intense’s laser engineers have amassed a high level of technical expertise and created an array of design tools that allow specific customer requirements to be translated into laser chips. Our design engineers utilize state-of-the-art physical laser modeling software and waveguide design tools; bespoke software especially developed to ensure the function of the NAM is fully incorporated into the design considerations.

Intense provides laser diode epitaxy over a wide wavelength range in GaAs and InP based materials.

We are a III-V base semiconductor processing fab Wavelengths:

  • 600nm-1500nm
  • InAlGaAs/InGaAs”

Intense is also able to customize the epitaxy for any other specific wavelength required.