Intense Series 4000 Diode Laser Selection Chart

The Intense Series 4000 diode lasers are single mode index guided quantum well structures. The lasers provide high power, low astigmatism, and narrow spectral width with a single spatial mode Gaussian far field. Standard packages for these lasers include 5.6 mm and 9 mm with monitor photodiode.

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Intense Series 4000 Datasheet (PDF)

SpecsSymbolModel 4005Model 4050
Output Power(mW)550
Source Size (µm)33
Typical Wavelength (nm)830830
Operating Current (mA)3080
Operating Voltage (V)2

Spectral Width (nm)11
Wavelength Tolerance (nm)±10±10
Threshold Current (mA)1515
Slope Efficiency (W/A)11
Series Resistance (Ω)2.52.5
Beam Divergence (deg. FWHM)40x1040x10
Typical Packages9mm9mm
Typical PackagesTO56C
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