Optics Design

To develop its leading edge laser array products, engineers at Intense had to become innovators in optics system design across a variety of challenging applications.

Intense can combine micro-optics and imaging optics to generate arrays of laser dots from 200 up to 5000 dots per inch.

For high quality laser modules, one of the principal challenges is the design and implementation of a fast axis collimator micro-lens arrays with sufficient tolerance and accuracy. Intense combines bulk optic lens arrays with precise design that ensures sufficient field curvature correction across the distributed laser array source. Such products can project arrays of around 50 laser spots of 10µm diameter at pitches down to 125µm.

Intense can produce ‘super arrays’ of up to 1½” long. Specially developed micro-optics lens systems ensure a minimum of beam overlap errors due to magnification of array placement tolerances. A deep understanding of how laser spot shape interacts with media fluencies allows optimization of speed, power consumption, and focus for specific customer applications. We can also design advanced scanning systems, including polygons and galvanometer systems to handle high speed and moving applications.

Intense’s high power lasers can be integrated with beam shaping optics and long range projection systems. Fiber optic coupling solutions that combine wedge and anamorphic lenses produce extremely high coupling efficiency performance.

In order to develop these highly demanding solutions as effectively as possible for our customers, we have established a network of specialized suppliers. This allows us to design and supply custom bulk, micro, and diffractive optics.