CST Global

CSTG is a ‘pure play’ semiconductor foundry and custom service
provider specializing in the design, development, and
manufacture of discrete and integrated III-V opto-electronic
devices, based in Glasgow, UK.

Since 1999, CSTG has provided specialist foundry services to
clients in the Telecommunications, Defense, Medical and
Instrumentation markets.

CST offers full product support from design to manufacturing,
levered off a comprehensive library of qualified fabrication
processes and a suite of high performance device platforms.

Today CSTG serves both fabless and vertically integrated
customers in UK, US, Europe and Japan, and is recognized as a
flagship project for the UK opto-electronics industry.


Intense has a strategic partnership with the III-V wafer specialist
IQE, the world’s largest outsource supplier of III-V epiwafers. IQE
offers a diverse range of materials produced using the MOCVD
(Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition) and MBE (Molecular
Beam Epitaxy) crystal growth platforms.

IQE’s European manufacturing facility and international HQ are
based in Cardiff UK. The partnership involves IQE growing complex
compound semiconductor crystal structures to Intense’s design.
Wafer growth is a critical element in Intense’s supply chain, and the
alliance allows Intense to achieve economies of scale through
accessing the largest independent manufacturing capacity
worldwide. IQE supplies Intense with both gallium arsenide (GaAs)
and indium phosphide (InP) based epitaxy structures.


EpiWorks is the leading producer of advanced III-V epitaxial wafers that are tailored for optimal performance in multiple next generation applications. From LED and laser wafers used in displays to RF wafers used in smartphones—EpiWorks products are geared toward enabling higher performance photonic and RF components for consumer, communications, network and mobile applications and RF components for wireless handsets, tablets and the Internet of things.

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