Intense Series 1200 Diode Laser Selection Chart

The Intense series 1200 of high power CW visible diode lasers are the state of the art in visible diode lasers today. These broad area multimode lasers offer extremely high brightness, excellent reliability, good quantum efficiency and low thermal impedance. Close tolerances to ±3nm are available in certain wavelengths. Available in a variety of open, window and fibered packages including C mount, 9MM, TO3 with TE cooler and HHL with TE cooler and fast axis collimator, these lasers are easily integrated into systems.

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Intense Series 1200 Datasheet (PDF)

SpecsSymbolModel 1202Model 1202
Output Power (W)0.250.25
Source Size (µm)100100
Typical Wavelength (nm)635635
Operating Current (A)0.550.55
Operating Voltage (V)2.32.3
Spectral Width (nm)11
Wavelength Tolerance (nm)±3±10
Threshold Current (A)0.30.3
Slope Efficiency (W/A)11
Series Resistance (Ω)0.40.4
Beam Divergence (deg. FWHM)40x1040x10
Case Temperature (C)1515
Typical Packages9mm9mm
Case Temperature(C)T03 T03
Case Temperature(C)HHLHHL
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