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Intense: Innovative laser diode solutions

Laser Diode Design

At the core of Intense's capabilities is its expertise in designing and manufacturing high power, high reliability laser diodes. These lasers can be:

  • single mode individual emitters
  • multi mode individual emitter
  • individually addressable arrays
  • common contact arrays.

These innovative laser diode products are based on Intense's patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) process which incorporates non-absorbing mirrors (NAMs) on each emitter. The QWI process is carried out at wafer fab level and defines the facet reliability of the chips; this give Intense a significant advantage in yield and, hence, production cost over other bar-coating based facet passivation techniques.

In developing this innovative process, Intense's laser engineers have amassed a high level of technical expertise and created an array of design tools that allow specific customer requirements to be translated into laser chips. Our design engineers utilize state-of-the-art physical laser modeling software and waveguide design tools; bespoke software especially developed to ensure the function of the NAM is fully incorporated into the design considerations.

Intense provides laser diode epitaxy over a wide wavelength range in GaAs and InP based materials. This includes key operating wavelengths:

  • GaAs at 808nm, 830nm, 915nm, 940nm, 980nm
  • InP at eyesafe 1550nm

Intense is also able to customize the epitaxy for any other specific wavelength required.

High Reliability, High Efficiency Laser Diodes

Intense's indium-containing quantum well laser diodes ensure extremely high levels of reliability. For example, a Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) of over 2 million hours has been achieved for high power single mode 830nm laser chips.

In addition to the NAMs, other laser epitaxy features give Intense products a decided advantage over less advanced approaches. An innovative far-field reduction layer design in the epitaxy, for example, gives the lasers low vertical divergence angles (range 20-22°) without any penalty in threshold current or operating efficiency. For single mode laser diodes, low divergence angles can be a significant advantage for coupling of power into fibers or other optical systems. For very high efficiency lasers, required for high power operation, reduction of optical losses is vital; this is achieved using an asymmetric cladding design.

Intense also has extensive experience with device design in InP. The QWI technology allows integration of multiple optoelectronic components on a single monolithic InP chip without the requirement for expensive multiple epi-growth processing. This powerful technology allows the development of true photonic integrated circuits combining 10GHz ElectroAbsorption Modulators (EAMs) and polarization insensitive Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) with passive routing networks to create custom switching architectures. To complement our GaAs high power laser capability, we also have experience in high power InP based lasers for 1550nm operation. We specialize in the InAlGaAs/InGaAs system, especially suitable for high temperature operation.

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Intense designs single mode and multimode laser diodes using a patented Quantum Well Intermixing process